Thursday, November 8, 2012

About time to blog again for a week or so...

It is probably no surprise to anyone that my blog was one of the obsessions I held for about a week and dropped.  I figured I have some time and I Decided this morning that I could update the blog for once. Most of the info here will probably be nothing new to anyone that will actually read it but oh well.

Since my last post....

I got a job as a donor recruitment representative for the American Red Cross. (August 2010)

I asked Erin Knox to marry me! She said yes,  I will tell the story for new readers (lol). (October 2010)

Once I had decided I was going to ask Erin to marry me I started planning how, this is what I came up with: a scavenger hunt.  I sent Erin around montevallo (I was actually with her) after clues that had specific meaning to us; first place we held hands, where we were when I told her I loved her, where we would go to hang out by ourselves things like that. the last clue was where I first kissed her which was at the waterfall out near montevallo. Once we got out there I pulled out the ring and asked her if she would marry me. She said yes!

I can't think of much important until our wedding on July 9th 2011. We got married at third Presbyterian church in Birmingham al. It was a wonderful day and we spent our honeymoon on a cruise in the Carbbean. The ports were beautiful, the kareoke was a ton of fun and we had a wonderful trip!


We spent thanksgiving in California with my brother Caleb and his wife and kids Jennifer, Michael, Tyler, and Cara! we had a great trip with them, and we got to spend some time with my best friend Lane and his wife Hannah while we were there too!


 We went to Yosimite Naitonal Park! Awesome! We even had a snowball fight! Oh and the kids love to make and dress up in costumes!

Our first Christmas as a married couple we spent at home in our little apartment, we had a great time getting  a tree and decorating for the season!


We bought a house in March of 2012 in Pelham al. W have absolutely loved being in our own house and just getting to own instead of renting.

We got a puppy in May of 2012. Millie is an austrailian Shepard and has tons of energy, she loves to play, run and catch frisbees. She is great to take hiking with us!

I tore my ACL in May of 2012. I was playing soccer with the irondale bullets and tore it making a cut to the left (at least I had the ball when it happened). The surgery went very well and the doctor said I have made a full recovery now.

The I come to the present, I have reesently been let go from my job at the Red Cross and I am searching for new opportunities  I actually anticipate getting a job back with Chickfila as a shift manager again. I will be doing that while Erin and I talk about long term plans. W have been talking about lots of ideas and asking for God's guidance and pursuing things. So who knows if I will keep this up this time but I usually go through cycles.

I will finish putting up pictures soon.